Victoire Ingabire se réfugie à l’ambassade du Royaume Uni

Victoire Ingabire s’est réfugiée ce matin 22/02/2010 à l’ambassade du Royaume-Uni à Kigali. Elle voulait échapper aux tortionnaires lancés contre elle par le dictateur Paul Kagame.

Cela se passe 4 semaines seulement après son retour au Rwanda où elle compte se présenter aux élections présidentielles d’août 2010 à la tête du parti FDU-Inkingi.

En voulant l’emprisonner, Paul Kagame veut lui barrer la route car il la trouve comme un challenger très sérieux.

Ci-après le communiqué du coordinateur du parti FDU-Inkingi :

"Ms. Victoire Ingabire requested political protection and temporary refuge in the United Kingdom Embassy in Kigali.

Following confirmed information of an imminent arrest, detention in a solitary confinement, physical and mental harassment and psychological torture, Ms. Victoire Ingabire, the Chair of UDF INKINGI, managed to reach the British High Commission in Kigali for a temporary refuge.

Under the orders of President Paul Kagame, Ms. Ingabire was today summoned by the Criminal Investigation Department for the third time in less than two weeks. The harassment of opposition parties is taking the shrinking of the political space to new heights ahead the upcoming 2010 presidential elections.

We call upon Rwandans to remain calm and to remember that peace and non-violence are the motto of Victoire Ingabire’s action. The wind of change is there and nobody will stop it. It’s time for President Kagame, his ruling party and hardliners fanatics to choose a peaceful future for their children, our children, our country. The time for the right choice is now.

We call upon President Paul Kagame and his entourage to give a chance to peace: you have done the war for many years, and this is a critical time. The history of our people will remember the choice you are going to make now.

To the international community, it’s time to play a leading role in the processes of democratisation of Rwanda. 

Nkiko Nsengimana
Coordination Committee"



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